EᗪIᗷᑌᖇGᕼ ᖇEGᑌᒪᗩᖇ ᗷEᒪᒪYᗪᗩᑕIG ᑕᒪᗩᔕᔕEᔕ










2018!! Time will keep passing, and we will keep dancing, dancing, and dancing!!


I am available for regular classes (group and private), one-off workshops weddings and hen parties. If you would like to book a space contact me on or 07917238341

ᗯIᑎTEᖇ TEᖇᗰ

ᒍᗩᑎᑌᗩᖇY 2018



Thursdays: 6-7 pm


Block 1: Thursday 18 January- 15 February (5 weeks)

Block 2: Thursday 22 February- 22 March (5 weeks)


CLASS DESCRIPTION: the main focus of these classes is to learn the basic bellydance movements, and it will be centred mainly on hip movements. There are so many ways of moving your hips that you would be surprised!! And learning hip movements will not only be fun but also will strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles, which most students find satisfying as it helps them develop a strong technique.

**please note that as part of Iraya Dance mentoring programme some of my advanced students might be present during the class and might be involved helping and assisting students:


VENUE: LifeCare Centre Stockbridge, 2 Cheyne Street Edinburgh EH4 1JB.


PRICE: each block £40, both blocks paid in advance £70. DROP-IN: £10





Mondays: 7.45-8.45 pm


Block 1- 22 January - 19 February (5 weeks)

Block 2- 26 February - 26 March (5 weeks)


CLASS DESCRIPTION: these classes are for those who have attended beginners or have previous experience in this dance style. You will learn more complex moves and choreographies, and will also be introduced to improvisation exercises to start developing your style and build confidence as well as improving your technique.


VENUE: Leith Community Education Centre, 12A Newkirkgate Edinburgh EH6 6AD


PRICE: each block £40, both blocks paid in advance £70. DROP-IN: £10





Mondays: 6.15-7.45 pm


Block 1- 22 January - 19 February (5 weeks)

Block 2- 26 February - 26 March (5 weeks)


CLASS DESCRIPTION: you will practice more complex choreographies as a way to learn new skills and improve technique. You will also be given the chance to explore and experiment with music and movement on your own way, as this will help you develop your own dance style.

A minimum of two years experience in this style is a must.

Please be aware that in order to join this group you need to feel comfortable with improvisation exercises. The focus of this class is to help you develop your style and therefore there will be a lot of individual work.


VENUE: Leith Community Education Centre, 12A Newkirkgate Edinburgh EH6 6AD


PRICE: each block £60, or both blocks paid in advance £110.




Those who want to learn bellydance, expand their dance vocabulary, be creative, develop core strength and flexibility and have lots of fun!!


All classes are designed to improve not only your dance skills but also your strength and flexibility, therefore we will always start with an energising warm up and finish with a stretch or relaxation.


Bring comfortable, stretchy clothes. If you have a scarf to tie around your hips feel free to bring it, although scarfs and skirts will be provided but not for every class. Bring water!



BOOKINGS AND PAYMENTS: cash is accepted on the day, however spaces are limited, so booking and payment in advance is recommended. Advanced payments can be done by bank transfer upon request of bank details by the first day of the term.

Please note your space will not be secured until you have done the payment prior to the class.

No student will be accepted unless their payment is done either in advance (bank transfer) or just before the start of the class (if you are paying cash).


RETURN POLICY: if you have paid for the whole term (or one block) in advance by bank transfer, this fee will be returned 100% if the cancelation happens up to 3 weeks before the start of each term/block and 50% if cancelation happens 2 weeks before the start of each term/block . After this, no refunds will be made.


CONTACT: if you need more information about the classes or want to book a space please do not hesitate to contact me by email at, phone 07917238341 or pm on Facebook page Iraya Dance



I have absolutely loved every class. Whether I feel energetic or tired from work there's always something there for me, from an excellent core work out to a fun lifting dance session. What resonates with me in Iraya's style is the freedom in developing our own style and understanding the movement. To sum up, Iraya is very friendly, warm and genuine person and I would definitely invite you to join her classes" Eleni SIdiropolou, intermediate class.

watch my students perform

Choreography: Iraya Noble

Dance: Sophie Ramette, Magdalena Fraczek, Eleni Sidiropoulo, Aggeliki Biliri, Helen Gestwicki, Rowan Flett and Zuri Fernandez.

Music: The Art of the Drum Solo by Issam Houshan

Choreography: Iraya Noble

Dance: Sophie Ramette, Eleni Sidiropoulo, Rowan Flett, Marcella Ruggiero, Zuri Fernandez, Sylvia Periogianni and Iraya Noble.

Music: Taqasim Nai (The Beloved, Suraya Hilal) and Najwa (I remember Egypt)